Econometric Tools for Panel Data Step by Step for Writing a Scientific Paper with STATA and Eviews -- Malika NEIFAR

This book on Panel data econometrics is for graduate students from institutes, schools and faculties of economics and management. It can also be very useful for any teacher or business practiciens (bank, ministry, hospital, etc). It is an ideal textbook for a first course in panel analysis and modeling. The book starts with an outline of some ratio related to bank financial activity and of prices for stock market situation, and gives analysis tools to the use for panel data treatment. Then, some techniques and models are presented including linear static and dynamic models dealing with stationary and non-stationary data and binary dependent variable approaches. Along the way, real case studies are presented in each chapter of relevant financial applications from fresh investigations using STATA and/or Eviews packages. Sample instructions or codes are also given for the software package.

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